Rent An Office Today in Heritage Wake Forest

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We’ve filled up fast in our 2500 square foot commercial executive office space. We originally purchased our office in Heritage and had a few spare offices which we leased to other companies. Since there was such a need for this, we expanded our office next door and opened everything up.

We have lots of wonderful amenities including free internet, utilities and the use of 2 conference rooms, both large and small. These conference rooms are free to tenants who lease an office. The conference rooms have large screen TV’s for presentations, high definition video conferencing and phone teleconferences. We will allow these rooms to be rented occasionally by the public.

We only have 1 office space left, so you better hurry.  Contact us today to schedule a tour of our facility. We would love to have you here!

Are you tired of working from home?

Are you lonely?  Miss interactions at the water cooler? These are all normal issues and potential problems with working from home.  Yes,

Wake Forest Office Rental By Taygra Offices For Rent in Wake Forest NC

We specialize in upscale office rental in Wake Forest, NC. We offer private offices for lease conference rooms rental and virtual offices/mailboxes for businesses.

Two Locations

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Ideal Professional Environment

We leased a space with Taygra for the first few years of our start-up, defense contracting business. From the top-of-the-line office furnishings to conference room space for meetings, Taygra provides the ideal professional environment enabling you to focus on your business. If not for our company growth, we’d still be there!

Kristy Bryan
Ingenia Services