Can my competition get an office in the same building?

No. We will not allow multiple businesses in the same industry to have an office in the same building.  We may allow virtual office customers in the same industry based on approval.

Will I have 24/7 access to my office?

Yes, you will have access at all times to your office.

What is included in the lease price?

100×10 Time Warner Cable internet service is included in the lease price as well as electric/water services. The offices are fully furnished with a desk, pedestal filing cabinet, office chair, chair mat, trash can and two guest chairs.

Is there an additional cost for the coffee/water?

No, we will not charge a convenience fee for these items. We supply a shared Keurig coffee machine, a variety of coffee choices, creamer/sugar, plates/cups/utensils and a cold bottled water on site.

Can I bring in additional furniture?

Yes, you can bring in outside furniture, file cabinets, chairs, etc.  Unfortunately, we cannot remove any of the furniture that is currently in the office.  You can also hang artwork on the walls to make the space feel like your own.

Can I have more than one person working in the office?

Yes.  Please note that we will need to approve this additional person/desk to make sure there is enough parking.

Can I use the address for my mail, deliveries and marketing pieces?

Yes, you can have mail and packages delivered.  You will have a key to the mailbox though we will deliver the mail to your office daily.  You can definitely use the address for any marketing needs. You will need to be present to sign for the packages delivered if they require a signature.

Is cleaning included and trash removal included?

No, we will not clean your office.  Occasionally, we will vacuum and dust blinds in each office but will always notify you before this happens.

Is there a receptionist?

No. We have a desk in the reception area with a directory listed in the desk but do not have a receptionist.

Can I have a sign outside?

We have “Office Suites” listed on the sign out front. You will get your company listed on the directory inside as well as on your office door.

Is there video surveillance?

Yes, both locations have video surveillance.

Can each employee have their own access code to get into the suite?

Yes, we can program each code different to track their entry and exit.

Do you have extra desks to rent?

Yes, we have a limited number of desks available to rent on a first come first serve basis.

  • A full size 72″ desk with pedestal filing cabinet, office chair and mat: $75 per month (includes $25 extra person fee)
  • A single smaller 60″ desk, office chair and mat: $50 per month (includes $25 extra person fee)

Are there certain industries that are not a good fit for the offices?

Yes.  We strive for the highest quality of professional businesses to rent our offices.  Retail, therapists, massage and child related industries are not a good fit for our office space. Types of businesses who are a good fit: lawyers, financial planners, CPA’s, consultants and general professional businesses.

Do you have any additional office space for rent in Raleigh?

No. We currently only have the two buildings in Wake Forest, NC for office rental.

How do I rent the conference room?

Conference room use is on a first come first serve basis.  We have three conference rooms for you to use in case one is booked when you need it.  We use a shared conference room calendar so booking the time you need is very easy.  Currently we do not have a number of hours you can use the conference rooms, but we do ask that you are aware that others will be using the space as and everyone should have equal opportunity to use it.  There are currently 8-9 offices in each building that share the conference rooms.

What are the Rental Terms

We have month-to-month office rental terms as well as one & two year leases.