Think executive office space is a good idea but maybe too expensive?

1776-204h Office Available For Rent

As small business owners, managing the bottom line is critical to staying in the black.  However, the risk of stagnating your business by working from home can be just as damaging to your bottom line.  Consider this analogy.  What bargain would you think you received if you were buying a new car at a rock […]

Are you tired of working from home?

Are you lonely?  Miss interactions at the water cooler? These are all normal issues and potential problems with working from home.  Yes, we all agree it is great to be “Free” from the confines of a cube and the endless chatter of work neighbors, but there is something to be said for being connected. As […]

Writing Off Your Home Office? You need to read this…

Do you understand IRS Section 1250 rules? It’s easy to get confused about tax laws and how to manage home depreciation, unrecaptured gains, etc. Let’s face it…working from home can be a great option. No question about it. However, there are potential landmines to avoid, one of them being depreciation of home office space. The […]