Are you tired of working from home?

Are you lonely?  Miss interactions at the water cooler? These are all normal issues and potential problems with working from home.  Yes, we all agree it is great to be “Free” from the confines of a cube and the endless chatter of work neighbors, but there is something to be said for being connected. As reported in NY Times article March 7, 2014 a study by Nicholas Bloom, a professor of economics at Stanford University tested some ideas about telecommuting. Over nine months, about 250 workers volunteered for the experiment; half were randomly chosen to work at home and half in the office. One of the interesting outcomes of the study was 50 percent of those who worked at home asked to come back to the office. They said they were lonely…” If you are looking for a bit more out of your day than quieting the dog, meeting the neighbor at the mailbox or watching the retired walkers out the window, give us a call.  Taygra, LLC is the premier executive office space in the Wake Forest/North Raleigh area.  In addition to having other professionals to interact with, an executive office space offers the following benefits:
  • Enhanced professional imag
  • Conference room space for client meetings, video conferences, etc
  • Mail storage so your private life is not co-mingled with business affairs
  • Potential to expand your business with large office spaces
Taygra, LLC can help. We have Executive offices for monthly and yearly lease as well as virtual/mail only options.  

The Pros and Cons of Virtual Offices

In the always-online world that our generation has built, it’s not a surprise that many fledgling businesses are choosing virtual offices over